Zander Welch|17|Painter|FC: Freddie Highmore|OPEN

Interview With Zander: “I really don’t know what to say,” The brown haired boy said as he ran a hand through his hair. “What I really hope to gain from this experience is meeting people I can call my friends and maybe even family in an odd way. I always can’t wait to get my art out into the work. Zander Welch is a name you won’t soon forget.”

Background Info: Zander Welch has spent the past seventeen years of his life in the foster care system. He has been to more homes then he can remember, some he stayed at for a day while others close to a year. It was never more than a year though; the parents of each house never seemed to be able to except Zander for himself. Because of all the time he spent moving around from house to house he never had the chance to go to school and interact with other people his age. You would think because of this Zander wouldn’t be the brightest kid, but that is where you would be wrong. Zander is smarter that most kids that do go to school, he taught himself out of books he found in public libraries. His favorite subject became art, when he was just six years old he began studying the different artists that were found in the books. His favorite artist quickly became Vincent Van Gogh, because of the way Van Gogh made the texture of his paintings look. Zander knew if he could become anything when he was older it would be a famous artist, he wanted people to learn his name. When it comes to being around people Zander is awkward, he talks before thinking and talks about things most people could careless to talk about. He wants to find a person he could be himself around, someone who understood his love of art and who could help him grow as an artist.

Zander was given a few nicknames from the foster homes that he lived in, but the only one that ever stuck with him Zan. He only let some people call him that though, he found it a bit too odd for him to really enjoy. He never thought there was a really an interesting nickname to come from his name, but if someone ever came up with one he would for sure go by it. Zander has sketch books full of his art work, he has kept every piece of art he has done. He loves to look back and see how he has grown as an artist. Upon glancing at his paintings you can’t really see what he is trying to show the viewer, but after gazing at it for a few moments you can tell that it shares an amazing story. Each story is different than the rest, and some of the paintings when put together tell an ongoing story. Zander never tells a person if they understood his true message because he loves believing that there are many different messages in his art. When Zander received the news that he was selected to be in Hidden Talent he was shocked. He had no idea how they gained a piece of his art, but he didn’t care. He was just excited to travel to a place that couldn’t kick him out and leave him looking for a new home. His real hope for this is to find people he could call a family. He has never had a real one, but he has heard that while working on a show together people get closer. Zander sure hoped that was the case. 

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